Damn, How many babies is that woman going to make?
When the belly seizes to look like a belly, and begins looking like hot lava oozin’ over the bedsheets, or like the maternal Jabba Hut, I think maybe there are too many babies in there.

How many babies do you think she is having?

How many can fit?
How many can fit?

> that would be 6 babies: Greg, peter, marcia, jan, cindy and booby. A Brady Bunch all in one swoop.!

If you are thinking about having a litter of kids yourself, but have questions and concerns (not over population ones of course), than you should contact Meet The Duggars for their free Daily Success email. Mrs. Duggar just pooted out child #18, and says she’s just following “a GOD who is delighting in demonstrating His great power!” I’d say. God keeps giving them to her. Uh-huh, does her husband wear a mask or something, or are we talking immaculate conception? I love those crazy Mormons.


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