Where to start with the Frenchy Christmas 2009? One of many reasons I haven’t updated this sorry blog is that so much happened during their month’s visit to see their grand-kiddos and to help us out (we needed it!). Many topics were discussed, 1000 images were taken and as a result, all attempts to produce a blog resulted in a mind-blurring, stare down coma with my screen. So…. we’re going to whittle that month’s commotion down to the one thing that sticks with me…

A gene pool Twister™ of Life™
A gene pool Twister™ of Life™

Help. Françoise et Jacques came to help. It seems simple right? To help, ‘To do something for someone by offering one’s services’, and yet….. it’s a rare talent indeed. A bit like listening. People will say with confidence, “I’m a good listener”, but its not true. Just as people are apt to assert, “I know myself very well” (ever read the singles ads?). And it seems people tend to believe, conscious or not, that their ‘reality’ is somewhere near the nucleus of reality. Um, *sniff. But back to Help. Françoise et Jacques know all about it, and for that I say a deep, “Thank You”.

If you slice & dice it, they will come.
If you slice & dice it, they will come.

They grocery shop for us (we don’t need to tell them what to buy… duh, they’re French), they cook elaborate meals for us, hold and play with Max & Manu and sing songs whether or not the kiddos are listening (they’re not even 2 yrs old ya know). Jacques sits with Max in the middle of the kitchen floor chopping, shredding, dicing and slicing the night’s cuisine, explaining the hows and whys of it all. Max is his captivated audience.

A good argument for procreation.
A good argument for procreation.

Françoise has crocheted for Max and Manu many an animal both domestic and wild and many dolls, both human & fairy. She tells elaborate stories through their voices. This is helping to form who they are - their mythos. Abetting a child in believing all things have a spirit, a voice, is insanely awesome - especially a floppy, stuffed smiling Zebra with red lips.

If one cannot catch a bird of paradise, better take a wet hen.
If one cannot catch a bird of paradise, better take a wet hen.

Maybe all that play roused the spirit of Hitchcock’s The Birds. One day we all visit the location in Bodega Bay where the famous film was shot. The Frenchies began flapping their arms and cawing, as their clothing turned an inky black. Pierre took flight and showed Max & Manu that flapping your wings will get you alot further than tapping an old pair of ruby slippers.

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