That’s Grandma & Grandpa in German, and since there’s a dollop of it in my bloodline, I’m hoping they’ll agree it’s what Max & Manu should call them : ) So on with the show….

Straight from the Indiana, it’s Dwight & Linda. My mom & dad - the peeps who brought me forth, and grandparents of les petites Max & Emmanuelle.

A brief moment in time
A brief moment in time

Pierre & I meet them at the door, toss the babies into their arms, and run away shouting, “We’re free! Babysitters!!! After that 2 second fantasy… we all say our hellos, take a walk to the park, and catch up. My mom likes their hotel and tells me, “I requested the balcony room ‘for your dad’, but the only thing he said was, ‘If it cost over $200, I don’t want to know about it.” Funny dad I got

The 1st night we have friends over for a dinner. A dinner that Pierre & I are VERY late on. After an hour of waiting, the pre-dinner aperitifs begin to feel more like an open tab at a bar… but… but, at least Frenchy can cook!, at least we didn’t chintz on the wine, and there’s babies to distract us, at least…. gulp. It was a disaster. Everyone denied it, but Im telling ya, D-I-S-A-S-T-E-R.

Max captivated by life’s rich reward
Max captivated by life’s rich reward

All was made up for the next day, with a trip to the majestic Redwoods. We hike the little foot-trails with Max, Manu & their baby stroller in tow! Thats right you wimpy babies who never leave the manicured parks and sand boxes. Max & Manu are off-roading in the Redwoods.

A few more days go lulling by til Bro Troy and mate Karen drive up and meet us at the local Halloween parade & fair. Yes, that fair! where Manu & I are dancing in the grass to a Dixie quartet when an older, floppy hat wearin’ lady comes walking by with her Chihuahua tethered to one of those faux riche, rhinestone leashes in naugahyde. She stops right next to us and watches as her little dog takes a big shit in the park grass. She pulls on its neck as the last dollop is falling off & then scurries off. I yell, Come back! your dog left something. Hey its a turd! Lady, please come…”

Dating…. that was then, this is now.
Dating…. that was then, this is now.

That evening back at the house, we’re hangin with the gaggle of Groomys and I realize how appreciative I am that they never bothered me with questions of, “When are you going to give us some grand-babies!” or its cousin, “So, have you thought you might like a family one day?” You know, that innocent question w/ the dead give-away upswing at the end that broadcasts they’ve spent nights lying awake thinking how to bring the subject up. At most they’ve said, “Didnt you say you wanted kids? Arent you like 40 now?” something benign… astute. And in the end?? Pierre and I pulled not one, but two rabbits out of our hat. And two perfect ones at that.

Oma Ompa Charm & Strange
Oma Ompa Charm & Strange

Thanks Frenchy for all the amazing food and wine. Thanks Max & Manu for being here & every minute of your existence, and thanks mom & dad, aka Oma & Ompa, for the cross country visit & a chill week. Come back soon!

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