“I’m the magician of goo.”
“I’m the magician of goo.”

Max and Manu eat most everything we put in front of them. Asparagus, mushrooms, curry, mango sauces, and prunes all go down without a hitch. So the day we drove to the beach and bought fresh oysters, we were sure they’d hold out their plates and say, “Gimme some of that lovin’!”

Fueled by a vessel of white wine, Pierre shucked and pried open oyster after oyster and put those beauties in front of his little offspring like it was Frankincense, Myrrh & Gold.

Hey Max, just look at this specimen! Where’s your plate?? Uh, whats wrong little mouse??
Manu? Your expression?? Are you okay, your look of repugnance is troubling…
Wait, you’re not dry-gagging about these yummy glop-splotches of ambrosial goodiness are you!?

You can imagine the disappointment in Frenchy’s eyes. His baby progenies refusing to follow him in his tastes of all things raw and well… raw. Pierre even eats Uni sushi, which tastes like chewing your own tongue, or as described by friend Ian, “It tastes like eating meat-mud”. Exactly!

Bravo Max and Manu. We know child services would have busted down our door before you could have even splashed your rubber spork into one of those beauties. Papa was just kidding. Really.

“That's not my diaper!”
“That’s not my diaper!”