that’s me
that’s me

My name is Max, and this is me okay.

I get fasinated with electronic thingys, and so I am going to rite my own blog today. Right now, I am an infant but not for long, ’cause in 3 days its my birthday, and Manus too! Then we are toddlers! Then I can be a little man.

symbiotic woofness
symbiotic woofness

My mom calls me petite souris (little mouse), and sometimes she calls me her monkey because when she and papa pick me up, I cling like crazy to them and squirm. I am so happy to be close to them that all my little arms and legs shake with fun. I do this too when Pius comes in the room. I am a silly baby sometimes. I love things a hole lot.

I had my head measured today at my doctor. It is really big, so I am going to be a smarty in my pants toddler. Big blue veins run through my head carrying lots of goo and stuff. My mom loves the veins in my head. She takes pictures of them. She is crazy about my clothes. I dont know why. Everyone looks at how cute I am, not at my clothes.

I can almost walk too. If you let me hold your 2 pinky fingers, I can run my little legs all around the house. I love to chase Pius and go into every room to see whats going on. I can walk to infinity and beyond if my mom would let me but she falls over after 15 minutes and screams, “Enough Max, my back is bleeding!” But its never enough. I want to run mama!

Manu & I have a special baby language
Manu & I have a special baby language

I only scream and cry a little when I’m hungry or sleepy. I save the real high pitch caterwauling for when my maman and papa take away the iPhones. I love to play music on them, and look at the klidascope color balls that dance on the screen. I like to stick it in my mouth and slobber all over it and stain its kangaroo pouch. Manu likes it too, but not like me. Manu is my best friend. We play together all day, and she visitis me in my crib every morning to wake me up because sometimes i cry when I wake up.

I’m looking at a duck.
I’m looking at a duck.

I dont know why, I am very sensitive. I am shy too. When I meet new people I smile all over my face but then I burry my face in my mama’s shoulder and turn pink with shy. And I think cause I am so sensitive, that that is why I cry in the morning sometimes, cause I like to be held and squeezed. As soon as someone comes for me then I smile alot. And then I keep smiling, especially when we go for walks in the park in the late sun each day. Maman carries me and papa carries Manu. I am a skinny baby like my papa. But like I said, I have a big head.
So oh yea, its my birthday soon. I was really small when I was born. Only 3 pounds and it was so scary. please send me birthday wishes for me and my sister to be strong and smart and happy and healthy babies. and to live long lives full of passion (whatever that means, Im just a baby) and some other stuff too. I love you. I love everyone now cause I am a baby. My maman is going to turn me upside down and swing me around when she sees what Ive done with her computer.
baby love, Max

Baby Love
Baby Love
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