Happy New Year to all the tall people!
Happy New Year to all the tall people!


Happy New Year to all the baby seals!
Happy New Year to all the baby seals!

Hello to you all, our friends and family!

It’s a New Year and finally we are poking our heads above ground. As a toast, we invite you to visit us in our new home - or on our blog for those who can’t make it: . We’ve added several new stories and images on our life with Max, Manu, Pius the teen pope, and all the other crazies.

I’m lovely too
I’m lovely too

Max & Manu are now 8 1/2 months old and are beginning to crawl. Best of all, their laughs are infectious and with all their babbling, our home sounds like a rainforest. In all our imagination, we couldn’t have dreamed up a daughter & son more lovely.

We decided to move out of San Francisco to Sebastopol, a small town of artists, academics, organic farmers, retirees, and a mish-mash of other miscellaneous folk. We weren’t sure how we’d feel leaving SF, but so far we love it. Why? SPACE, lush trees, animals about, bright constellations, and best of all, we can make all the noise we want, when we want! clang, clang!!

More friends come to visit us here than they did in the city. We plan to continue to lure you to see us and be part of Max & Manu’s world.

The Diapers Fund financed our trip to Poopy Land. Thank you all!
The “Baby Diapers Fund” financed our trip to Poopy Land.
Thank you all for your generous contributions!

Other plans for 2009?

Yes, we can!
Yes, we can!

Merritt finally gets to jump horses again (there are 2 top equestrian centers here) and she has an appointment with Chronicle Books to pitch an idea for our long overdue coffee table book chronicling 3 years traveling by motorcycle through Europe, Africa, Asia, and South & Central America. The most optimism of all though comes from the election of President Obama. After 8 long years, she feels fortunate to be Citizen US again.

During a videoconference on Inauguration Day, Nicolas, who lives in France, appears with the American flag in the background, shockingly visible from the outside through the window. Note that during all the years he lived in America, Nicolas never publicly displayed his French flag through the window. Brave but not dumb.
The French pull out Old Glory again

Pierre has not yet recovered from his recent celebrations and he’s still taken aback that the pleasant winds of Hope and Change blowing from Hawaii finally prevailed against the powerful forces of Fear and Continuity from Alaska. He’s now a strong proponent of the Global Warming Up, and he can’t wait to go back to France to tease his friends and family about the soggy climate over there.

Also in 2009, we’ll be updating our website more often: Videos, amusing news of the world, the hoonanigans of Max & Manu, and many images. Make sure to sign up for the “RSS feed” (located on the front page of our blog, bottom left) to receive notice when we update & post new pics.

In our latest installments many things are revealed! Learn how Pierre teaches infants to swim in the comfort of his own bed… Discover what Merritt learned from the Alabama prison system… Hear Max & Manu’s favorite Madness song… And see for yourself how the French eat hotdogs!

We hope the new year brings you new friendships, and deeper relations with the ones you have. Most of all, here is to your good health and to your brain pan staying finely tuned, because it is… isn’t it?

Happy New Year!

Say Cheese! Cheese… Cheese… Milk… Milk… Bone!
Say Cheese!
Cheese… Cheese… Milk… Milk… Bone!


Merritt and her baby cameleon
Merritt and her baby cameleon


Smells like happiness to me. Happy Happy to you too!
Smells like happiness to me.
Happy Happy to you too!


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Yes, you can impress the French with champagne! It’s actually very simple: just bring a good bottle - a very good bottle - of California champagne. But then from that point on, please let them do…


Allez… Bonne Année!!!

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