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Kiddos’ weights in grams
Kiddos’ weights in grams

String of good news today.

Manu hasn’t showed any “bradys” in several days (a brady, as the nurses say, is an episode of bradycardia, a drop in the heart rate).

Max got his breathing tubes removed from his nose and he likes it much better like that. His bradys come back from time to time but he had his first full day without. And the best: he’s been allowed to have some breast milk once a day (which is a good thing for Merritt too: she produces so much milk with her milking machine that the nurse told her to stop bringing some because their freezer is full!).

We go to the hospital once a day (twice for Merritt) for a Kangaroo session and we keep the kiddos on us for longer periods of time, up to an hour and a half. Both gain weight, are stronger and really start looking and behaving like good babies. They are more interested in what’s going around; they let us know what position they want to be, pushing and rolling.

They even had their first kiss today. At the end of the Kangaroo, we put them together on Merritt for her first ever armful of babies. “Come on! Kiss your brother!” the nurse said to Manu, pushing her onto Max. Cute like hell.


Manu the girl


Max the boy