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For posterity, here is the announcement we sent today.

Baby boy coupons are blue
Baby boy coupons are blue

Update (months later): We wanted to wait a few more days before sending the announcement, just to make sure the kiddos were ok, but since the word leaked out, we had to do it. We did not feel comfortable enough yet making it public because in spite of what the doctors were saying, we were really not sure about how well the kids were doing: brain hemorrhage for Manu, heart murmur for Max, surfactant in the lungs for both, blood transfusion for Max, jaundice, weight loss, etc… etc…

The problem for us was that families usually expect to see a picture of the proud parents and their newborns shortly after birth, but all the pictures we had of the kids were kinda sad and scary with their goggles and their wires under the bright lights (note: the blogs you see from that period were posted several weeks later, after the kids were out of the hospital). So how could we send an announcement with a smiley picture and not show the kids? Looking around in the room, we spotted the 2 coupons the nurses gave us - just a souvenir that parents usually stick into the Baby Book - and we turned it to some kind of a joke. Voilà!