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It’s taken 84 collective years between us to finally get around to making the baby. At least that’s what we were aiming for. A baby. One.

My 4-month love salad
My 4-month love salad

A few of you know the good news, but many do not. We are prego with twins. We decided to wait until the 2nd trimester to tell everyone, when the high risk of miscarriage passed and genetic results were in.

We had been trying to get pregnant for awhile, and after a year we looked at the calendar, saw how old we both were, and decided we needed some outside ju-ju if it was going to happen.

Merritt looked at doctors for a month before settling on Dr Ryan, an amazing doctor and leader in the field of infertility medicine. Pierre loved her also, and she helped us beat the odds with IVF.

Our blog is to keep you all up to date, share ultrasounds, and describe the graphic and the impalpable in haunting detail. And since we have a captive audience, our blurbing won’t merely be about the Little People. Therapy, family, politics, crime & punishment, whatever crosses our minds will be here too.

Please keep checking back and ask us anything, except whether Pierre misses traveling or how Merritt keeps her hair so blonde.(*)

(*) While traveling through Africa, the #1 question we received from our US compadres was about Merritt’s hair. Yerp.


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