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Yes, you can impress the French with champagne! It’s actually very simple: just bring a good bottle - a very good bottle - of California champagne. But then from that point on, please let them do…


Allez… Bonne Année!!!

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Happy Halloween to all!

Manu is my pumpkin pie
Manu is my pumpkin pie

Pierre and I went to CPMC’s yearly party so we could see the nurses once again. When we arrive, there are no nurses anywhere. There are however, piles and piles of kids.

It’s interesting that an experience as transformational and highly unique as making babies is also one of the most common. Common indeed as it happens 131,571,719 times every year. If you have working parts and you find another person with the other 50% of the recipe, then anyone can make a baby and it seems most do. But should anyone be able to make babies? Shouldn’t parents to-be be required to take rudimentary classes in parenting? They’re not. Just make the baby and off you go. When you wake up 13 years later and think, “Oh lord, little Jimmy is a mess, how do I fix him?” it’s a little late. People need to pass tests, obtain licenses and be approved for so many things. It’s ludicrous. I think about this whenever I’m waiting in line at the drivers bureau for my license, watching kids pulling on their mom’s hair, receiving slaps, and rolling around on the floor like an amoeba.

Whatever, back to the kiddy party…

We’re having fun, but growing hungry. I’m thinking that after paying $10,000 day per child while in the hospital, CPMC is surely going to kick it with some Starbuck’s coffee or thick crust Pizza Time. Instead, the only food is macaroni swamped in half melted cheeze wiz bubblin’ atop a bunson burner. There are also cheddar cheese cubes spread out on a table. I love how the kids touch 3 or 4 cubes before selecting the one they want. Eeeewwww! At least there was funked out fructose juice to wash all that cheesey concoction down with.

cheesier than cheese
cheesier than cheese

We then waited in a line to have this cheesier than the macaroni cheese picture taken. Its supposed to be of the kids but like, where are they? I drew arrows to help you find them. The photog’s lens, lighting and distance were all wrong wrong. But really, we did have a swell time. Max and Manu slept the entire afternoon, so we’ll have to fill them in on it later.

world-record-pumplin08.jpgIn other news, this year’s big fat ass pumpkin award goes to a 1,524-pound beauty. Looks fake doesnt it? No no no, and the $6 per pound the farmer received as prize wasn’t fake either. That pumpkin has more square footage than our apartment!

The best Halloween treat of all is how far Barack Obama has come in this election. If he does win, among other things, it will help heal the appalling relations our country now has with the international community. I think of my kiddos, and the possibilities for this country, and I haven’t felt this optimistic in years.



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