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Look at this…


What is it?
Is it the federal government’s strategic dairy stockpile?
Is it the European Community rebuilding its famous “Butter Mountain“? (1.2 million tons at its height!)

Nope, it’s Merritt’s nursing surpluses. The freezer at the hospital has overflowed so she started to pile up her canisters in our freezer at home. The Hagen-Dazs? Gone. The fish sticks? Gone. My little quiches? Gone…

My crazy goat is milking like a mad cow! The only thing left in the wake of her Milky Way is a bag of Brussel sprouts!

We like Brussel sprouts
We like Brussel sprouts

We found a solution to that flood: we are going to produce some Petit Singly, a French specialty… Human breast milk cheese! (and don’t trust these spoilers at Snopes, it’s for real)

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Kiddos’ weights in grams
Kiddos’ weights in grams

On the minus side, Max still needs some oxygen. He’s got two little tubes in his nostrils and he doesn’t like it much. We are also waiting for the result of a genetic test that Merritt and I had to take to see if he’s not suffering from a rare disease that would prevent him from assimilating milk. He tested positive at a screening but no big concern yet: it’s a test that has a lot of false-positives. Only 1 or 2% of those who test positive have the dangerous form of the disease (galactosemia) and less than 10% have just an mildly annoying form of it (Duarte galactosemia). All the other ones are false-positives. As for Manu, the only thing she’s got is a tiny little bleeding in the brain. Yes, I know, it sounds bad when said like that but it’s common in preemies and in the vast majority of cases, it resolves by itself without consequences.

On the plus side, they are both doing fine (or great, say the doctors) by all the other tests they went through: genetic, x-rays, ultrasounds, blood exams, etc… They are being fed more and more - a big syringe of milk every 3 hours with a volume that’s increased of 1cc more every 6 hours - and they are gaining weight. It’s impressive to see the size of the syringe next to the kids. It’s looks as if an adult had to swallow a bottle the size of a big fire-extinguisher in less than 2 minutes. Burp!

Manu sleeping after gulping down 20cc of milk
Manu sleeping after gulping down 20cc of milk


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Merritt is back home! But here is what happens when you forget at the hospital the most important part of the milking machine…

 And it works! Look…


Mother’s Milk


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