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In a true democratic spirit, you can even add the answer of your choice on most of them. And like with any electronic voting machine, ballot stuffing is not only possible but encouraged. No need to be in Ohio or Florida to make your voice count again and again and again. Just reload the page and vote!

In your experience, what is the ideal number of kids? We have two now and we need some guidance as of where to go next.
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Can we, or should we, smoke anything near the kiddos?
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Which language should we teach the kids?
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What are your favorite names for a girl and a boy?
This poll is now closed and the obvious winner is: Charm and Strange. So welcome Manu Charm and Max Strange! Thank you all for your participation, these are beautiful names!

Total Votes: 41
Started: January 27, 2008
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Which family name should we give to the kids?
This poll is now closed and, with a little help from our superdelegates to decide this extremely tight race, the winner is…. err… the winners are: Grooms and Saslawsky. One of each! Thank you all for your participation - yes, it’s a tie, so everybody will come home happy! The consolation prize goes to “Merripierre”, and we all agree: “Trouble” is not far behind.

Total Votes: 61
Started: January 27, 2008
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