Manu, my daughter is a silly filly. If there’s a place you don’t want her to go, that’s the place you will find her. She is a trickster and a barrel of monkeys. Let me tell you about Emmanuelle…

Give me back my Scientific American!
Give me back my Scientific American!

My daughter is strong. She will go through & tear apart your magazines and eat them, and then dare you to fish around in her mouth with your nubby digit in a futile attempt to retrieve the pulpy slush between her gnashing gums.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

My daughter is a sneaky caterpillar. She will wriggle like a larvic commando across the floors to your favorite house plants, rip and shred their leaves from their mother trunk and caw with delight as you try resurrecting the dead, dismembered branches back to life.

My girl has the fastest lobster claw in the west. Before you can say, “That poached salmon and carafe of wine looks divine”, she’ll have everything in a godspeed trajectory to planet floor.

In motion for some commotion.
In motion for some commotion.

Right now, as we sit and listen to some Brain Eno music application on my iPhone, I am watching it slowly make its way towards her mouth. Maybe she thinks it will sound better with a viva voce reverb! Or that a baby slobber-filled jack helps the output levels. Never mind the mountain of toys, books, and play things strewn all around her. She has quite an eye, quite a honing device for the no-go zone.

And then, when I whisk her into my arms away from the aforementioned dangers, her face is unfailingly full of surprise. I ask her how she always seems to find that rich vein of mischief while exploring her universe. And even though she can’t talk just yet, she can answer with her eyes, “Why momma, that’s where all the interesting things are. I’m not afraid. I’ll go far.”

I love getting to know you.
I love getting to know you.
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2 Responses to “Manu eats my face”

  1. Eric on May 11th, 2009 1:44 am

    She looks so much like Merritt!

    Bises. Eric

  2. mavis on May 15th, 2009 9:59 am

    on est plein à souhaiter deux happy birthday à max et manu - gros bisous de montpellier de pierre, mavis, nicolas, véronique, téo, juliette, phil et anne-marie xxxx

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