Pierre & I drive through the Castro District in SF, and often we imagine what it would be like for a young guy who has grown up in an insular town, who has had to hide his sexuality or suffer torment and violence, to arrive for the first time in SF and walk through the Castro .

Clean as a middle aged man’s bottom.
Clean as a middle aged man’s bottom.

The sidewalks and thoroughfares of the district are a stage for anyone, particularly gays, to openly show some serious affection without fear of reprisal from the intolerant. You can even use philanthropic excuses to take off all your clothes and show off your hot pelt like these guys! (photo anon.)

Like half the stores and bars cater to the gay lifestyle with names like “Does Your Mother Know?” Or the “The Lookout”, all under a giganto, rainbow flag of pride blowing huge above the district.

Equality looks good in white.
Equality looks good in white.

I was lucky enough to be driving by the court house the day after the same-sex marriage bill passed. I jumped out and headed toward these 2 men with my camera. The dominant queen bee (on the right) was yelling to the crowd to be grateful to live today in the present when minorities and alternative lifestyles are being more and more accepted. He then laid a romantic kiss on his stubbley love kitten, and they paraded across the street towards the court house to begin their constitutionally recognized life together. (Though I wonder what he’s yelling now that Prop 8 passed.)

Tastes like Homo.
Tastes like Homo.

It’s fantastic to see different lifestyles and belief systems being more integrated - legally and otherwise into our society. I doubt however, that the makers of this here fine milk product, available at one time throughout the US, intended on marketing the taste of an actual homosexual. “Tastes Like Homo” Is sure to leave a queer taste in the mouths of their more conservative customer’s kisser.
I want to know, What DOES ‘homo’ taste like!?

And how does this all relate to Max & Emmanuelle? Well, it doesn’t, except that I’m thankful that they made their way into the world when major discriminations are illegal or are on the table for discussion. And I hope if either are gay, that by the time they are young adults…. our lovely country will have realized that the arguments for such discrimination are from the same old mill that churned out the propaganda that women were too weak… , blacks weren’t human enough… , and non-Christian believers were all going to hell. After the gays, who will be next in line to take the torch? I think it’s going to be the Athiests!


A kiss is a kiss is a kiss… Max&Manu 4 months.
A kiss is a kiss is a kiss… Max&Manu 4 months.
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