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We don’t know what happened, the kids have been cleared for discharge. Friday, we must spend the entire day and night with them in a family room at the hospital, and Saturday morning we’ll bring them back home. It wasn’t supposed to happen before next week. Time to panic! Watch this little video, you’ll see why…


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 (If you are with Children Services, don’t worry, everything will be ready. You are most welcome to come over and inspect. It’s always like that with us.)


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4 Responses to “Panic Attack”

  1. Locke on June 25th, 2008 7:28 am

    You made my day start with a good belly laugh, Pierre. Can I lend a hand? Do you and Merritt need a little help? It looks like you might.

  2. Ms. Hell on June 26th, 2008 12:22 pm

    I would seriously help you all out if I didn’t live in another state–even though I have my own little terror on my hands!

    Have you considered using a post-partum doula for support? They are incredibly helpful for all sorts of things once you are all home from the hospital.

  3. awc on June 30th, 2008 4:03 pm

    Merritt & Pierre -
    I am a long time friend (let’s not use the word “old” shall we?) of Jane McM. She has occasionally told me of your exploits and pointed me to your blog and I’de enjoyed it, but it disappeared in a disk crash (as these things do)… so when she recently told me of the two little ones, I anxiously awaited a new link… and I am captivated! How wonderful of you to share these two with all of us. Thank you for letting us in on the joy (and panic).


  4. toxomaman on July 1st, 2008 6:29 pm

    Oh shit! Welcome home babies and good luck with many days & nights of sweet sleeping twins, lots of diaper changes and something new everyday. And don’t forget - this is the easy part… xoxo from the mom of Creed & Zelda in Austin…

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