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Look at this…


What is it?
Is it the federal government’s strategic dairy stockpile?
Is it the European Community rebuilding its famous “Butter Mountain“? (1.2 million tons at its height!)

Nope, it’s Merritt’s nursing surpluses. The freezer at the hospital has overflowed so she started to pile up her canisters in our freezer at home. The Hagen-Dazs? Gone. The fish sticks? Gone. My little quiches? Gone…

My crazy goat is milking like a mad cow! The only thing left in the wake of her Milky Way is a bag of Brussel sprouts!

We like Brussel sprouts
We like Brussel sprouts

We found a solution to that flood: we are going to produce some Petit Singly, a French specialty… Human breast milk cheese! (and don’t trust these spoilers at Snopes, it’s for real)