In 2003, Pierre and I left France on our motorcycles to travel for 3 years around the world. Along the way, we met a character in a remote African village that we will never forget: The Crab Sorcerer. He lives in Cameroon in a tiny mountain village called Rhumsiki. He looks about 90 years old; no one knows for sure (many people in Africa do not know their age) but he is famous far and wide for the fortunes he gives. People travel miles to hear his predictions, and he must be good because they offer him cows, chickens and weeks worth of salaries for it. In turn, he gives it all away to the sick and elderly of his village.

We visited him one day and asked him 3 questions. He didn’t ask us anything about ourselves; he barely looked at us. He took his crab from his pocket, sat in front of a clay bowl filled with sand and pointy rocks representing what we assumed were symbolic of subjects in our question. He sat the crab inside and put a lid on the pot. The crab started kicking around and making a ruckus inside. After a minute or two he removed the lid, the crab went back into his pocket, and he began to speak.

The Crab Sorcerer
The Crab Sorcerer

Our first question, “Will we have kids?”

His answer, “Yes, you will have two, but it is because you want it that way. First a girl, then a boy.” In Africa, a fortune of only 2 kids wouldn’t be good news. You want at least 6 to take care of you in your old age.

That was the whole fortune. The other two, we’ll tell you some other day.

The Sorcerer didn’t look at us to see how we felt, or even if we were pleased with his reading. He finished our fortunes, and sat there as our young guide got up and directed us to offer a donation. Pierre laid a few dollars at his feet. He picked it up, not saying anything, and threw it back at Pierre. That was when the boy told us that villagers offer cows for his prediction (a fortune to most in the area), and so we ponied up more mazuma.

We believed him. He was an incredible man, with a presence I’ve never felt before or since.

All that to say, The Crab Sorcerer was right! A girl and a boy. The doctor found out in that order. Yay yay yay! What is more perfect than that? I didn’t want 2 boys. I’ve had boys around me my whole life. Boys boys boys. All my friends have always been boys, I have 3 brothers, a dominating father, I live with a boy, and I usually work with and start businesses with boys. Enough boys.

I’ve been having strong urges for a few years to open to befriend more women and get more female energy around me. It’s unfortunate the rest of the world doesn’t see being female as something to embrace. A known saying we heard while traveling in Ethiopia goes…. “The parents of a girl one day or another will get dishonor and shame because of the daughter’s misbehavior”.

So Pierre and I are curious to see if the girl will come first, like the Crab Sorcerer predicted. We’re sure she will.

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5 Responses to “The Crab Sorcerer got it right”

  1. Sarah on November 26th, 2009 1:37 am

    Ha ha- he tells everyone they’ll have lots of kids or that they’ll be powerful. He only really has two fortunes but it’s still fun to go. He’s a pretty cool guy, even if it is kind of a tourist trap.

  2. Pierre on December 28th, 2009 1:07 pm

    Ahem. He gave us 4 predictions that are more precise than what you describe - meaning, more atypical and with a much narrower spectrum of application, so narrow that it’s basically impossible that it could have applied to anybody else than us on that year - and so far 2 were verified and 2 more are on their way or can be considered as done too.

    As for the tourist trap, given the fact that he doesn’t keep the money for himself but instead hosts orphans and redistributes to old, blind or handicapped people, I can be trapped any old way by the guy, no problem.

    I’m not that versed into the occult, the esoteric and certainly not the religious as you can see in my other blogs ( so, like you, I just found it a lot of fun to go, and even more fun to see that he got it right. My uncle who lived in Cameroon for 10 years and a couple of travelers who contacted us through our travel blog, found him a lot of fun too.

    And to complete Merritt’s story… For the entire pregnancy Max was positioned to come out first, then at the last minute they switched and Manu came ahead. A girl and a boy, the girl first. For a 41-year old mom on her first (and beforehand agreed as the only) IVF attempt, the odds were clearly against the Sorcerer but he got it right. A pretty cool guy, as you say!

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