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Zygoat Zygotes
Zygoat Zygotes

The doctor gives us a picture of our mixture. The first thing we notice, is that 2 of the 4 petri dish globules are noticeably smaller.

We both point to the big ones and say, “Those are mine!” (ie. My DNA was responsible for the large (healthy) ones.) We have no idea that big/small mean anything. In fact, maybe the smaller ones are the more robust.

We still rationalize why the other of us must have produced the tinier bubbles.

“The big ones are Saslawskys”, PiR says. I tell him his are the little ones, because he’s like so old, he’s shorter than me, and because he’s not a pure French (*). Pierre tells me , “No, those are yours!”, because I am full of collywobbles, I’m shorter than he is, and I’m a pure American.

They aren’t even babies yet.
They certainly aren’t fetuses. Zygotes perhaps.
PiR calls them “fish bait”, but that’s not funny to me, so we look for other names.

We agree quickly on calling the 4 of them, Top, Strange, Charm and D’Artagnan.

The first three are names of particles found in Quarks, the little thingies inside the little thingies that form the atoms, but the fourth one?

Who’s D’Artagnan? “That’s the name of the 4th Musketeer”, says Pierre. Well, of course. So, we decide the weakest, baby zygote will be D’Artagnan.

(*) In Tunisia, a anti-Semitic man suspicious of Pierre’s features got in his face, yelling at him that he wasn’t a “pure French”.


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